The Quantum Empowerment Institute™

Empowering Services



Empowering your personal, business, organization and community transformation!
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Personal Healing and Life Transformation

Become the empowered person you wish to be, truly happy and fulfilled, while exploring your full potential!
Hand in hand, we can make a difference, together

Community Empowerment

Transform your community into the happy, peaceful, supportive and sustainable culture you've always wished it was!

Business/Org Transformation

Empower, improve, expand and transform your business/organization to better fit your vision, whether it's still a napkin idea or an already established entity.
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Holistic (Whole Person) Healing & Transformation

  • Empowering Transformational Coaching/Training – Become your best self!
  • Holistic Empowerment Training Classes – Individual and Group
  • Counseling and Therapy Services, including Emotion Mgmt and Trauma Healing
  • Spiritual Life Coaching & Skill Development
  • Leading-Edge Physical Healing & Wellness Services such as
    • Immune Support,
    • Illness Treatment,
    • Bodywork,
    • Sound, Light or Energy Therapies
    • etc.
  • and much more!

Business/Org Transformation & Expansion

  • Empowering Consulting & Coaching/Training Svc – Continuing education and support for both Leadership and Staff
  • Empowered Brand Creation/Expansion & Implementation (Internal and External, Including Org Atmosphere Management Training & Tools)
  • Empowered Marketing Strategy & Product Development
    • Advertising & Multi-Media Production – Digital & Print (Including HD Audio/Video)
    • Training/Educational & Other Explanatory Presentation
    • Physical/Digital Prototyping & Demo Creation (including 3D Printing)
  • and much more!
Hand in hand, we can make a difference, together

Community Empowerment & Sustainability

  • Cooperative Community Development & Expansion
  • Sustainable Growth Principles
  • Minimizing & Preventing Crime, Criminal Rehabilitation
  • Community Support Projects
    • The Talent Empowerment Program
    • Low Income Support Program
    • Military Veteran Recovery & Support Program
    • Peace, Freedom & Accountability Movement

Other General Services

  • Computer Maintenance & Upgrades
  • Digital Memories™ Services: Photo Art/Product Creation, Audio Recording and Videography Services to preserve and share your memories and knowledge with family and friends
  • Fundraisers for any occasion: we help you raise money for field trips, education, business start-ups, and crisis situations