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Welcome to the new Quantum Empowerment Alliance web site! We are a global community of individuals and organizations committed to creating a better world through coordinated, empowering personal, business and community transformation and positive growth. We are a not-for-profit organization, completely community supported, and independently run by volunteer staff.

We are your business, personal and community development specialists. Consider us your home for personal healing and empowering transformation, including sustainable business & community development!

We are home to the Digital Media Magic production studio (brand development & media specialists: creators of logos, advertising materials & mixed media, art and educational content for both our organization and general public needs by donation to support our growing organization), as well as our Holistic (whole/complete person) healing and personal transformation university – The Quantum Empowerment Institute.

Our global alliance network was founded in 2008 to facilitate and support global peace and transformation. Through the many organizations and projects, we empower positive change around the world, small and large: helping you create the life, profession and communities everyone can actually enjoy and thrive in.

The Quantum Empowerment Institute™ is a non-profit healing & life transformation university. It is lead by a mystic and universal minister known as The Quantum Empowerment Coach™ and run by a small group of other volunteer staff, under the administration of an international team of experts in various fields.

The QEI is the holistic healing and education core of our global alliance for empowered business, personal and community healing and transformation. We are creating grass-roots movements for health, peace, justice, equality and freedom to realistically and effectively create a healthy, peaceful, sustainable world.

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Come back soon to partake of all our wonderful, empowering content in development, and follow links below to enjoy and participate in our online communities and services, including:

  • Our social media links: all in one place, quick and easy!
  • Podcasts
  • Online TV shows
  • Classes & Workshops (group classes & events coming soon, through our university)
    • Facebook page for the university
    • Holistic Wellness and Ageless Living
    • Personal Empowerment & Transformation
    • Emotion Management and Inner Peace Training including Baggage & Trauma Healing/Clearing
    • Ethical & Empowering Relationship Development
    • Red Pill Matrix Recovery Program
    • Empowering Leadership Training
    • Empowered Business Hyper-growth Program
    • Community Justice & Sustainability Training
    • Leading-Edge Health Practitioner Empowerment Program
    • Mystic Arts Training Program
  • Community Events & Programs such as
    • Our Facebook group The Quantum Empowerment Community™
    • FREE community learning programs and workshops
    • our Talent Empowerment Program promoting talented individuals in the arts and other professions
    • Sustainable Community Empowerment Program helping communities learn to thrive
  • Healing and Wellness Services through our private health network
  • and much more!