The Quantum Empowerment Institute™

The QEI Story and Commitment To Excellence as described by our Founder and CEO:

     I, Dr. Christopher Moeller (commonly known as The Quantum Empowerment Coach™), am a human potential & personal transformation coach/trainer, as well as a holistic (whole-being) health practitioner licensed through The Turtle Island Network, an international non-profit private health organization. I help people transform themselves and their lives in every way, personal and professional.

     I started as a peer counselor in grade school because I have a passion for helping people, and found that I have an unusual level of awareness and talent for understanding people’s problems and finding solutions. Over the last 30+ years I studied traditional Depth Psychology and Psychotherapy, as well as learning from psychologists and other health practitioners following a mixture of other forms practiced in other traditions, such as Monastic, Dynastic and Indigenous traditions, and integrated them into my practice. I have added many tools to my toolbox, such as being trained and certified in various advanced therapeutic techniques, including Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

    I have also developed some of my own techniques, especially in my work with clients recovering from emotional baggage and PTSD; which has become another area I specialize in over the last 17 years. Traditional psychology techniques usually require years, (often a decade or more!), to work through even one abuse or trauma incident! Most psychotherapy practitioners are not motivated to explore other options, as they enjoy longer client relationships and thereby more income. This is unacceptable to me!

    If there’s a better way to help someone, I’m going to learn to do it, regardless of whether the technique is from other countries or cultures, scientific or spiritual in origin/perspective. If the current techniques others use aren’t very effective and/or require too much time and money, I find other solutions, even if I have to develop them myself. I only care about what works best to help people, because that is my passion and ethical standard

    In my work over the last 15 years, I found that common practices not only needlessly take too long; but they don’t work on “Compound”/Complex PTSD. I have been working effectively with people suffering from trauma and abuse for most of my life, even before I knew “Compound PTSD” was an official designation for the more complex cases.

    However, when I combined and experimented with two separate techniques I had learned from different practitioners, I was able to create a new and more effective system which blew all others out of the water in efficiency. I realized quickly that this and other knowledge, tools, techniques, technologies and systems I had gathered and developed needed to be better studied and shared with the world. Thus I began creating an organization to do just that. I created The QE Alliance to facilitate global community sharing and cooperation, and the QE Institute to research, develop and share our knowledge and techniques with the world.

    Around the world, the rights and freedoms of the people are eroding in the public sector; so we joined the private sector to maintain those rights and freedoms. As a private health network, anyone who seeks services to address their physical health must become a member of the health network to receive such services. This protects both practitioners and clients from mistreatment, and allows freedom to choose and receive natural and alternative medicine and healing services without the restrains forced on the public Allopathic medical system.

    This corrupt system of greedy organizations has attempted to restrict, and even unconstitutionally monopolize medical options in the decades and century since it’s creation by extremely wealthy business men: who apparently used deceit and bribery of government officials to accomplish their own self-serving agendas, as is described in the research and documentaries posted in our Research Library under “Rockefeller Medicine”. You are welcome to follow that link for more details.

    Our private health network is an international private organization, and is beyond the restrictions of local and national governments, leaving all participants free to educate themselves and make their own choices for their own bodies. Through the Quantum Empowerment Institute™, we share the most advanced science, tools, techniques and systems we can find to help people heal and create better, more fulfilling lives, with the highest commitment to excellent service. This is our sacred calling and our passion. I intend for the QEI to be a bastion of hope, learning and peace for generations to come.