The Quantum Empowerment Institute™

Guided Spiritual/Psychic Defense Program (Temporary)

Welcome to our temporary, basic (advanced training only available to Qualified students), Emergency guided self-defense Boot Camp for those suffering from immediate spiritual/psychic attack. This will be moved to our private training library as soon as we finish restoring it from our old web site.

This does not even scratch the surface of what we teach our students! It is the minimum we use to quickly help Energy Sensitives protect themselves as fast as possible, usually after we’ve been contacted for urgent support and set up a temporary shield or called in a temporary guardian.

This is NOT a substitute for our actual basic training program, which is much more extensive, let alone our advanced training! It’s a quick emergency place-holder, and Not sufficient for long-term safety! This training may only work against the lowest level creatures/beings/though-forms, and only temporarily! Do Not abuse this service and think that this is enough for you to run along and play among dangerous beings and worlds! It’s NOT!