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Empowering Personal, Business, Organization and Community Transformation!
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Personal Healing and Life Transformation

Become the empowered person you wish to be, truly happy, healthy and fulfilled, while exploring your full potential!
Hand in hand, we can make a difference, together

Community Empowerment

Transform your community into the happy, peaceful, supportive and sustainable culture you've always wished it was!

Business/Org Transformation

Empower, improve, expand and transform your business or organization to better fit your vision, whether it's still a napkin idea or an already established entity.
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NOTE: ** This web site is currently under construction. This page will continue to be expanded over the coming week, and sectioned out into separate pages for each of the 3 categories above very soon, with a video overview planned to give a brief, concise introduction to each section, coming soon after. Check back soon! **

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Holistic (Whole Person) Healing & Empowering Transformation

With decades of experience, we can help you heal on any level and become the person you truly wish to be, actually living your ideals and achieving your goals of a happy, healthy and truly fulfilling life!

  • Holistic means a “whole”/complete person approach, in this case: meaning healing and transforming the person on all 3 levels/in all aspects.

  • This includes any techniques, tools, systems or technologies which address the Mental-emotional, Spiritual/”Subtle Bio-electric” Energy (as modern science now calls it), and Physical levels of health all at once, in combination: rather than limiting ourselves to just one single level and ignoring the others.
    • Since modern science has finally proven the mind-body connection and many effects of thoughts, emotions and stress on the body, this has finally become the leading-edge of even “mainstream” Allopathic medicine, finally recovering and verifying ancient cultural traditional wisdom.

  • Empowering Transformational Coaching/Training – Like sports coaching but for life, learn to become your best self through guided self-transformation processes used by Olympic Gold Medal Winners, Mystics and other super-achievers from around the world!

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  • Holistic Empowerment Training Classes & Workshops – Individual and Group
    • Classes, Courses and Workshops are available, on a variety of subjects, for both individual and group education. Whether you wish to learn privately, join a group, or train part or all of your organization staff/members, there are plenty of options to choose from.

  • Holistic Counseling and Therapy Services, including Emotion Mgmt and Trauma Healing
    • Learn to understand yourself & others, communicate better than you ever imagined, develop healthy & happy relationships (personal or professional), and live an empowered, fulfilling life, on your own or with a partner!
    • Learn to manage your thoughts and emotions to achieve real peace, self-control, restful sleep, and emotional awareness, understanding & health!
    • Work with Positive Psychology professionals practicing leading-edge techniques to help you overcome both psychological and sub-conscious biological issues, such as those caused by mental-emotional stress (which have been proven to effect your DNA!)
    • Depth Therapy – Sub-Conscious Limiting Belief Retraining, Emotional Baggage Healing & Trauma Recovery including NLP and other specialized techniques

  • Leading-Edge Physical Healing & Wellness Services & Products such as:

    • Immune Support, Healing Facilitation, “Reverse-Aging” & Wellness Maintenance (with over 150 of the most advanced health rejuvenation, wellness supplements and other products available)

    • Bodywork
      • A mixture of physical therapy techniques such as the scientifically-proven Reiki/”Laying of Hands” Bio-Energy Therapy, Massage, Aromatherapy, Acupressure & Reflexology, and Chiropractic Adjustment

    • Energy Medicine: Bio-Energetic and Electric Healing & Rejuvenation Therapies (often combined for greater effect)
      • Energy therapies clinically proven to relieve pain, help the body heal from illness and reverse the “aging”/cellular & DNA distortion process


        • Advanced Sound Therapy (using the latest technologies and frequencies customized to your condition, not just relaxation)

        • Light Therapy

          • and soon Laser Therapy!

        • Microcurrent & Electropuncture

Hand in hand, we can make a difference, together

        • and other Bio-Energy Therapies, including “Laying of Hands” healing forms such as Reiki, Qigong and other practices verified by thousands of scientific studies

  • Spiritual Life Coaching, Training & Skill Development – Develop the Conscious Self-awareness, Understanding, Self-Control and Self-Management Skills of a monk from trained practitioners! This may include Coaching/Training & Services in:
    • Meditation (The 5 forms, many traditions & their many uses)
    • Holistic Exercise
    • Spiritual Relationship & Marriage Development
    • Intuitive Readings, including Life Purpose Readings and Profiling
      • Numerology
      • Astrology (class available for Christians who don’t know the Biblical history of light magic/wizardry and astrology in the Bible, including of the Magi – click for Encyclopedia reference)
    • Super-Human Abilities, Including Spiritual/Subtle/”Bio-Electric Energy” (as modern science now calls it) Healing & Self-Defense Training
    • and much more!

  • We have many specialties, including:

    • Post-Trauma Healing & Recovery – both physical and emotional baggage & trauma healing

        • and Exploring healthy alternatives to drugs, needles and surgery

Health & Wellness Clinic details:

Our health & wellness services are provided by The Quantum Empowerment Institute’s own private Integrative Health practice of certified and licensed professionals under the international non-profit Turtle Island health network.

  • Annual membership is only $35/year!
    • This also includes your spouse, and any children under 26 unmarried and living at home with you!
  • $5 Day Pass available to sample our services, or for those who only need occasional services, such as bodywork, light or sound therapy

As a private international health organization, the Turtle Island Network upholds Natural Law, US Constitutional Law and International conventions such as found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations General Assembly (10 December 1948, Palais de Chailot, Paris):

  • the right of members to freely make their own lifestyle and health choices, including seeking alternatives to drugs, needles and surgery. This includes health practice options from around the world, such as Indigenous, Monastic (spiritual practitioner methods, such as those of monks and mystics) and Dynastic Medicine.

We provide members with the highest level of quality care, and the most effective methods of care from around the world, at affordable prices.

For more information, you may view or download this PDF

Our services list is currently being expanded. For a full, up-to-date list of services or to schedule a FREE 1-Hour Consultation, fill out one of the Contact/Client Forms in our menu or reach out on Facebook (Links page). We do not give out our email address to prevent spam.

To start receiving one of these areas of service, use the New Client Form from the menu.

Empowering Business/Org Transformation & Expansion

Using ethical fortune-level business principles gathered over the last century from the super-successful from around the world, we help you create and grow your business efficiently, sustainably and powerfully!

  • Leading-Edge, Empowering Consulting & Coaching/Training Svc – Continuing education and support for both Leadership and Staff to better achieve goals, such as a healthy & empowering work environment and the ability to adapt to modern needs and trends
  • Empowered Brand Creation/Expansion & Implementation (Internal and External, Including Org Atmosphere Management Training, Tools, Techniques and Systems)
  • Empowered Marketing Strategy & Product Development
    • Advanced Strategy Development using Fortune-Level business principles of the super-successful
    • Advertising & Multi-Media Production – Digital & Print (Including HD/UHD Audio/Video)
    • Training/Educational & Other Explanatory Presentation
    • Physical/Digital Prototyping & Demo Creation (including 3D Printing)
    • Community Polling & Feedback to better gauge and hone product and marketing quality and effectiveness
  • and much more!
Hand in hand, we can make a difference, together

Community Empowerment & Sustainability

Over the last century, scientific study has lead to the development of leading-edge sciences which can help us heal and transform our broken, conflicted and self-destructive communities and cultures struggling to even survive! Join us in bringing about local peace and sustainability in communities around the world, which is the only way to realistically and truly achieve any semblance of “Peace on Earth”, let alone thrive.

  • Peaceful, Cooperative Community Development & Expansion
  • Peace & Sustainable Growth Principles
  • Minimizing & Preventing Crime, Criminal Rehabilitation
  • Community Enrichment Projects
    • The Talent Empowerment Program – Empowering Quality Artists & Eradicating “Starving Artist” Phenomenon
    • Empowering Low Income Support Programs
    • Military Veteran Recovery & Support Program
    • Peace, Freedom & Accountability Movement
    • Developing Sustainable Healthy Relationships Training Program

Other General Services used to fund our community service

  • Computer & Other Technology Design, Manufacturing, Maintenance & Upgrades
  • Digital Memories™ Services: Photo Art/Product Creation, Audio Recording and Videography Services to preserve and share your memories and knowledge with family and friends
  • Fundraisers for any occasion: we help you raise money for field trips, education, business start-ups & expansion, and crisis situations

Reach Out and Become Empowered!

Sub-sections and more specific client forms coming soon!

Until then; you can use the Contact Us page (in the main menu) to inquire about our organization, specific services, or categories of services, by referencing them by name when filling in the form there.

We appreciate your interest, and wish you a wonderful, healthy day!

To start receiving one of these areas of service, use the New Client Form from the menu.

Community Supported Services and Growth

Research & Development

As a non-profit organization with a small volunteer support staff, keeping up with the latest scientific information, technology, techniques, systems, software and gathering other resources we need to continue to serve is not an easy or cheap task. We often spend long hours doing this kind of back-end work, such as recent research into the latest healing technology, services and products we can offer, that we’re not getting paid for.

In the last month alone we have spent around $500 and probably hundreds of hours researching and purchasing the latest scientific books and equipment to stay on the leading edge of health and personal transformation. We’re currently investing in thousands of dollars in books, training and equipment to upgrade our healing and educational practice to become one of the most effective private health clinics and schools in the country. That’s not even counting the time and repair costs to maintain our computers, vehicles and other technology.

While that may pay off in the services we’re able to provide in the future, for those who can even afford it; much more money is going out than is coming it right now, and frankly, our limited funds have slowed our progress, limited our functioning, and delayed repairs, upgrades & expansion as well as our audio and video shows. If you believe in our products and services, please help us continue to support the community and offer much-needed services by donating today!

Our Low-Income Program

There are always people in difficult situations, who for whatever reason (whether it be an abandoned child, a struggling single parent, or someone who lost their job), can’t afford help. We do not believe in denying help and support to people just because they’re poor or in a tough situation, and offer low-income discounts & free services to those in need. We have probably donated as much in free services as we have provided to paying clients over the decades!

However, there are those we have still been unable to help due to financial constraints, especially when it comes to traveling or providing expensive products/equipment over long distances to those in need. It’s tragic, and your donation can make all the difference in the world! Please, help us serve those with little or no income by donating today!