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Basic Introduction:

     It is very obvious, to anyone who has been paying much attention; that our society has fallen far short of our ideals of peace, health, love and prosperity in daily life. People talk about it all the time, mostly in superficial ways and complaining rather than discussing potential solutions; which is why most people haven’t solved these problems we all experience. In fact, these are often the same problems humanity has been experiencing for most if not all of recorded history!

     Have you ever wondered why these common human problems haven’t been solved yet, after thousands of years of “scientific” study and “practice”? It had been bothering our founder since he was a child, but unlike most: he actually decided to do something about it!

     With all the scientific research available today, and with the internet allowing us to share information around the world: there had to be people in the world who had figured out how to solve these common issues. He had already found a few with unusual wisdom and accomplishments. If this were true: we should be able to find and study them in order to learn how they did it, solve our own problems, and then help others do the same. So, that’s what we did!

     Our founder and professor of human potential, commonly known as The Quantum Empowerment Coach™, spent decades finding, learning from and teaming up with those who had solved these common problems: gathering unusual knowledge, skills, tools, techniques and technologies along the way. He scientifically tested and implemented these treasures, healing and transforming his own life in empowering ways, while helping others do the same. He then spent another decade coaching and training others to transform their own lives as well.

     This can be a tiring process, and he found himself repeating the same teachings over and over with many of his students. Based on this pattern, and using his personal coaching/training notes; he then began to develop class curriculum to teach the core knowledge, skills and techniques most people seemed to require through a not-for-profit program, and The Quantum Empowerment Institute™ was born.

      Based on our success in overcoming the common problems in both our business and personal lives; we have determined that the primary problem is lack of understanding and Skill: both in understanding the root causes of our common problems/struggles, and the solutions. This is not simply due to lack a of information, as most people believe; but rather due to the failure of our supposed “educational system” to teach these things.

      We have gathered extensive research on this subject, and present it in some of our classes: as well as sharing some of the research on our YouTube Channel. The history is less important than understanding the problems and solutions, so we’ll focus on that for now.

      The root cause of all our problems seems to boil down to two main things: lack of understanding and lack of effective communication. There are many areas/aspects of life we are unhappy with, but if understood fully: these issues, such as unhappy relationships, torturous professional situations, conflicted and unsustainable communities, ill health (mental and physical) etc, can be resolved! We simply don’t fully understand what causes our unhappiness and how to communicate & strive effectively to solve it. We often think we do; but what we think we understand is only the surface level of the iceberg, mixed with inaccurate rumor, theory and limiting belief: which is why we can’t normally solve these issues.

      Here at The QEI, we share the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques gathered over centuries and millennia of research, testing, practice and training from teachers and wisdom keepers around the world. From scientists, healers, monks and priests, martial artists, gold-medal-winning Olympic athletes, even NASA astronauts and their trainers, comes The Wisdom Of The Ages: proven to transform our minds, bodies, health, personal relationships, careers, businesses and communities.

      No longer are we trapped by the limited knowledge of our isolated, lost, conflicted and corrupted families, communities and cultures! This combined wisdom from ancient times and leading-edge science allowed The Quantum Empowerment Coach™ to go from abandoned child and homeless to living his passion and making over $10,000 a month (in his spare time!) and retiring before he was 30. Just imagine what it can do for you!

     We are passionately dedicated to helping humanity understand, heal, and transform in beneficial and enjoyable ways! Join us today!

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