The Quantum Empowerment Institute™

Audio Therapy Set (Temporary)


  • Play These IN ORDER (they are scientifically ordered for best benefit and also safety!)

  • Quit playing them and notify us immediately if you start to get a headache!

    • Notify your coach/therapist and wait for further instructions!

    • There are various reasons why a few people have issues listening to specific tracks, certain frequencies/frequency ranges, for example: hyper-sensitivity due to injury or trauma.
    • If you do have this kind of reaction to one track, it does Not mean that you are likely to have trouble with another track of the same frequency, or another in this or a related set. These issues are often very frequency specific, and even variations of the same frequency often work just fine. We offer a variety of sets for that very reason.
    • This is a quick temporary sample for student/client use while we restore the members area of the web site from our previous web site.
    • If you notify us of trouble, we will review the specifics of the issue with you and explore alternative options.
    • Do NOT go hunting around the internet for similar programs to experiment with! Many of them are created incorrectly, and can literally cause harm/damage!
    • Sound is very powerful! We are VERY careful to screen our offerings before authorizing them for public use, sometimes experimenting with them for months or even years.
  • There are 55 minutes (5 minutes shy of an hour) of audio therapy programs. They can be played for 3min minimum each For A Minimum Effect. For the full effect, we recommend using them for their full length.

  • Once you have played through the entire list In Order, without getting a headache, Only then may you experiment with individual videos out of order.